Gateway, Remote I/O

Gateway, Remote I/O Introduction

M-System has recently been developing network products that meet the end-user's need for Profibus, Modbus, Ethernet, DeviceNet, CC-Link, LONWORKS, MECHATROLINK, T-Link, FL-net, HLS, and FLEX NETWORK I/O devices. Working with open-architecture networks, these products easily communicate to today's most popular HMI software packages and DCS/PLCs.

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Remote I/O

Application Notes

Fully Isolated Remote I/O

M-System’s Remote I/O is designed to support DCS/PLC systems by expanding their I/O flexibility and capabilities in addition to providing all full channel-to-channel isolation. The Remote I/O communicates directly to the PLC and DCS via industry standard open-protocol networks.

M-System’s Remote I/O also can be used as stand-alone distributed I/O communicating with popular HMI software such as Citect, Intellution and Wonderware. The Remote I/O can be located remotely in the field, or within an instrumentation cabinet such as test stands.

The flexibility and scalability of M-System’s Remote I/O supports future system upgrades with full isolation between power-communication-I/O and between analog channels. Economical non-isolated analog modules are also selectable. Isolated analog I/O modules provide high-performance signal conversion/conditioning and complete three-way plus channel-to-channel isolation. This ensures you a highly dependable system.

Applications include: signal concentrator, data collection in flow and level monitoring, injection molding monitoring and control, test stands and prototyping, glass furnace temperature control, assembly line discrete ON/OFF, paint booth environment reporting, pharmaceutical processes.

Broad I/O Offering: Scalable and Flexible

M-System, a specialist in signal conditioning, offers not only 4-20 mA / 1-5 V or discrete modules, but also temperature and other sensor inputs such as strain gauge, AC signals, pulse signals, etc.

These I/O modules can be mixed and mounted at any position on a backplane base.

4-position, 8-position and 16-position bases with single/dual channel analog I/O modules are available for the R5 Series. The R3 Series is furthermore scalable from 2-position base, with 4- to 16-channel analog I/O modules available.

You can then take a minimum required number of modules and combine them to meet your specific system requirements.

Redundant Communications: Reliable and Flexible

Both R3 and R5 Series supports optional redundant communications for mission critical applications. Dual network communication modules are optional. Additionally network interface modules can be placed without removing power.

If you choose two different network protocols for the network modules, the remote I/Os can be directly monitored by two different manufacturers’ PLC systems.

Reduce Downtime, Quick Installation

All R3 and R5 Series I/O modules are field configurable via DIP Switches or via PC Configurator.

DIP Switches configure the I/O type, range and sensor failure modes (upscale or downscale).

Communication module settings include baud rate and node address.

Module replacement can be performed without programming or removing power. Simply remove the failed unit and replace with a good unit with the same DIP-Switch settings. No additional programming is required.

Redundant Power for High Reliability

Dual power supplies for the R5 Series allow support for two different power sources. For example: the primary power can be supplied by 120 V or 240 VAC mains power while the secondary power module is connected to backup power from a UPS 24 VDC system.

Lower Total System Cost

With its flexible and easy-to-user features, M-System’s Remote I/O ensures the total cost reduction not only of hardware price but also of the time and additional resources such as specialized knowledge.

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