Tower Lights

Wireless LAN Tower Light (for use in all EU member countries)
IT40SW1/2, IT50SW1/2, IT60SW1/2 Series

for EU
IT40SW1/2, IT50SW1/2, IT60SW1/2 Series
Functions & Features
Wireless LAN access point and infrastructure mode
Energy saving, maintenance free LED lights
Bright and even illumination thanks to M-System's original reflection system
Number and color of LED modules can be freely combined
IP 65
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This device is approved for use in all EU member countries.
Consult M-System for use in other countries.


M-System IT40SW, IT50SW and IT60SW Series are preassembled tower lights of 40-mm, 50-mm and 60-mm diameter LED modules with wireless LAN connectivity. The WLAN access point built in the IP 65 protected tower light is a simple and practical solution for status remote monitoring, data logging and supervisory control of manufacturing equipment and processes in harsh industrial environment.

The WLAN capability complying with IEEE 802.11b/g/n allows a wide compatibility with M-System’s and other manufacturers’ remote I/O modules and web-enabled data loggers, thus realizing versatile applications such as data acquisition and control of multiple machines by single master PLC located in one without needing hardwiring between each of them, or event notification to tablet devices with texts and images from manufacturing equipment.

The LED lights are controlled either by local contact inputs or by a host PLC/PC via Modbus/TCP network.

  Remote monitoring and control of an equipment using mobile interface
Remote monitoring and control of an equipment using mobile interface

When an abnormality occurs in a manufacturing equipment built with a web-enabled remote terminal, alarm status information including images and texts can be sent to tablets and smart phones via a wireless LAN tower light. (Customer's application software needed to communicate with tablets)

  No hardwiring between multiple sets of equipment to monitor and control by a single master PLC
No hardwiring between multiple sets of equipment to monitor and control by a single master PLC

Multiple slave machines can be monitored and controlled by a single master PLC via wireless LAN network.
Energy consumption, temperature and other measuring points can be monitored by the PLC together with lamp status information.

Component Identification

Component Identification

Triple-Reflection System

M-System’s original triple-reflection design prevents the LED lights from wasteful diffusion and ensures effective and even lighting in obliquely downward directions.



Nondirectional antenna (360°horizontal)


Network Connection

RJ-45 connector for Ethernet is provided at the bottom of the tower for easy wiring.


Five-layer, Five-color LED Modules
in Free Combination

Number of LED module layers can be specified from one to five when ordering. Five colors (red, amber, green, blue and white) can be freely combined for each module.

Accessories (option)

Mounting Pole (model: ITPL) LAN Cable (model: ITCA)
Circular Pedestal Mounting
ITPL Circular Pedestal Mounting
Bracket Mounting
ITPL Bracket Mounting

Used for the extension of wired LAN port (RJ-45) when using our Tower Light Series in combination with the mounting pole (model: ITPL)

Mounting Adapter (model: ITAD) Type1
This is an optional product which will allow a standard 1/4 inch screw to be used for mounting.
With this adapter, you can mount our Tower Light on your existing tripod and/or screw clamp.
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