Tower Lights

Wireless Tower Light (FCC Part 15 compliant wireless module)
IT40SW5F/6F, IT50SW5F/6F, IT60SW5F/6F Series

FCC Part 15 compliant
IT40SW5F/6F, IT50SW5F/6F, IT60SW5F/6F Series
Functions & Features
Licence-free 900 MHz ISM band
FCC Part 15 compliant wireless module*
Multi-hop technology solves various challenges of implementing a reliable wireless communication network.
Energy saving, maintenance free LED lights
Bright and even illumination thanks to M-System's original reflection system
Number and color of LED modules can be freely combined
IP 65
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* This device is approved for use only in the US.


M-System Wireless I/O System employs a licence-free 900 MHz ISM band module. Compared with 2.4 GHz / 5 GHz wireless LANs and other wireless networks dedicated for instrumentation using higher frequency bands, the 900 MHz band ensures stable communication quality for a long distance transmission, suitable for telemetering, multiplex transmission systems and data logging applications with various sensors/devices including low-speed moving entities.
Modbus-RTU transparent devices can easily replace existing wired ones, and various industry standard sensors/devices can be added to the network.

Remote monitoring and control of an equipment using mobile interface


Multi-hop wireless communication is a wireless network conveying data through a number of wireless communication devices in a "bucket-brigade" manner.
Relaying paths are automatically switched to an alternative one when one section of the connection is weak.
IUp to 100 child stations connect to a single parent station. The communications distance between stations can be up to 0.62 miles (1 km), thus making it possible to construct a wireless network in a wide range.

Remote monitoring and control of an equipment using mobile interface

Modbus Master (PC side) communicates with Slave Devices in multi drop connection on the wired side (RS-485) via wireless connectionusing Modbus/TCP and RTU protocols.

Component Identification

Component Identification

Triple-Reflection System

M-System’s original triple-reflection design prevents the LED lights from wasteful diffusion and ensures effective and even lighting in obliquely downward directions.



Nondirectional antenna (360°horizontal)


Network Connection

RJ-45 connector for Ethernet is provided at the bottom of the tower for easy wiring.


Five-layer, Five-color LED Modules
in Free Combination

Number of LED module layers can be specified from one to five when ordering. Five colors (red, amber, green, blue and white) can be freely combined for each module.

Accessories (option)

Mounting Pole (model: ITPL) LAN Cable (model: ITCA)
Circular Pedestal Mounting
ITPL Circular Pedestal Mounting
Bracket Mounting
ITPL Bracket Mounting

Used for the extension of wired LAN port (RJ-45) when using our Tower Light Series in combination with the mounting pole (model: ITPL)

Mounting Adapter (model: ITAD) Type1
This is an optional product which will allow a standard 1/4 inch screw to be used for mounting.
With this adapter, you can mount our Tower Light on your existing tripod and/or screw clamp.
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