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M-System Has Not Discontinued its Products Without Compatible Replacements.

We do not easily stop manufacturing products once released in the market, without trying to supply compatible products of equal or better performance to replace with, because we believe it is an important responsibility as the world’s leading manufacturer to continue serving people who maintain the performance of process control systems.
Visit M-System web site and find specifications and instruction manuals no matter how old the product, downloadable at our online DATA LIBRARY, updated weekly.

Supplying ready-to-install products in fast & precise delivery time

The standard manufacturing lead time for most M-System products with customer’s specified range is 5 days. But more than quarter of the total shipments are delivered in shorter lead time, and Quick Service Center expedites more than 500 orders every month on the same day or the next day after ordered.
So do not worry too much about the standard delivery. Just let us know ‘When’ you need one of our products, calibrated for your exact needs.
Once a delivery time is promised, you can of course count on us to deliver them precisely on time.

Striving toward complete offerings with special specification products

We offer an enormous selection of signal conditioners and remote I/Os, energy monitors, paperless recorders, panel meters, surge suppressors and valve actuators, and even that may not be enough for your particular needs.
But do not give up easily. Just ask us. We continue to work toward full product offerings with special products designs. In addition, we put our effort to make them into standard selections so that they are more easily accessible to you and everyone else in the future.

Meeting quickly for modern need for EMC countermeasures

Advances in technologies have led to higher-density electronic circuits, higher-frequency signals, and lower circuit voltages in most electronic devices, making them more susceptible to the effects of weak EMI.
EMC countermeasures combining EMI and EMS components provide the basic means of dealing with electromagnetic radiation. These countermeasures must be incorporated from the product design and development stage.
Increasingly strict standards defining the levels of EMI that are permissible from a safety standpoint have also served to focus attention on the importance of EMC countermeasures.
Many equipment manufacturers rely upon public testing facilities to verify the compliance of their products with Europe’s mandatory CE marking program.
M-System has its own RF anechoic chamber and shielded room facilities, Kyoto Techno Center, in order to speed the development of new products.

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