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HUB Module for Remote I/O CC-Link Master Module Wireless I/O System

WL40F Series - 900 MHz Band Wireless I/O (for use in the US)

WL40F Series

Licence-free 900 MHz ISM band
FCC Part 15 compliant wireless module*

  • Modbus-RTU transparent gateway and I/O
  • Multi-hop technology solves various challenges of implementing a reliable wireless communication network.
  • Supporting of low-speed moving devices makes the WL40F Series ideal for data gathering for AGVs.

* This device is approved for use only in the US.

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M-System WL40F Series Wireless I/O System employs a licence-free 900 MHz ISM band module. Compared with 2.4 GHz / 5 GHz wireless LANs and other wireless networks dedicated for instrumentation using higher frequency bands, the 900 MHz band ensures stable communication quality for a long distance transmission, suitable for telemetering, multiplex transmission systems and data logging applications with various sensors/devices including low-speed moving entities.

Modbus-RTU transparent devices can easily replace existing wired ones, and various industry standard sensors/devices can be added to the network.



Multi-hop wireless communication is a wireless network conveying data through a number of wireless communication devices in a "bucket-brigade" manner.
Relaying paths are automatically switched to an alternative one when one section of the connection is weak.
In the WL40F Series, up to 100 child stations connect to a single parent station. The communications distance between stations can be up to 0.62 miles (1 km), thus making it possible to construct a wireless network in a wide range.


DIMENSIONS unit: mm (inch)
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