January 23, 2019

To customers using R30 PC Configurator Software (model: R30CFG)

We have improved our R30 PC Configurator Software model R30CFG due to the following problem.


1. Condition

In downloading the slot information displayed on the screen, the zero base and the full base of the modules with the same model inserted in other slots may be turned to unintended values.
The product models are identified as shown below. The abnormality occurs in the usage conditions as shown below, however does not with other models.

<Product models>
R30US2, R30US4, R30TS, and R30RS

<Usage conditions>
- 2 or more products with the same model mounted on the Installation Base
- Scaling function in use (zero base and full base changed)
- Input type (thermocouple, RTD, DC) different per slot (except for the models R30TS and R30RS)
- Temperature unit (°C or °F) different per slot with the input type thermocouple and RTD

2. Version

Earlier than V1.11.56 of R30CFG

3. Countermeasures

We have improved the software.
Please download the improved version at the M-System's web site.

R30 PC Configurator Software

Consult M-System for detailed information.

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