PID Control Components

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PID parameter setting, display and operation setting and function block setting are accessible respectively at Tuning, Configuration and Programming views.

Tuning   Programming
Tuning   Programming
PID parameters, PB (proportional band), Ti (integral time) and Td (derivative time), are set on the Tuning View.
Auto-tuning is also available in this view. Bargraph and digital displays for the loop parameters and the short trend graph are displayed at once.
  Function block parameters are set on the Programming View by simulating operations of the PU-2A Programming Unit. The SFEW3E Loop Configuration Builder software for Windows PC is also available for ease of setting all advanced function block configurations.
Configuration   User's Parameter Table   Realtime I/O Monitoring
Configuration   User's Parameter Table   Realtime I/O Monitoring
  User's selected parameters are listed, monitored and changed.   I/O values and error status of all field terminal blocks are displayed.
Display and operation of the Controller are thoroughly adjustable to enhance the user's comfort.    

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