PID Control Components

Series Line up

High Reliability - For Demanding Process Use

Control, display and I/O functions are managed by independent CPUs for enhanced security and reliability.

The built-in manual loader (SC110/210 option) can be controlled independently even in case of a failure of the main controller module, which can be replaced easily while the backup control is maintained.



The main module can be disconnected from the backup module and extracted with the front display.

  High Reliability

The front blue LEDs are connected to the backup module, while the front UP/DOWN control buttons are connected to both main and backup in parallel.


The backup module can be powered independently from that of the main module for further reliability.


When the control is switched to the backup module either manually or automatically, the MV 2 selector SW is set from Main to Backup.

  Backup Function Diagram
  Backup Function Diagram
*Independent power supply is optional. Model: SML SC200 SC200 SC210 SC210 SC200 SC200

Transition of output level is smooth as the backup module has been continuously tracking the control module output in normal status.


A preset value can be provided also as output in the backup mode.


The control module output can be tracked either manually or automatically to that of the backup before switching back to the normal mode.




      Model: SML SC200 SC200 SC210 SC210 SC200 SC200