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Excellent Expandability - Peer-to-peer and Host Communication


The SC200/SC210 has Modbus (Ethernet TCP/IP or RS-485 RTU) which enables easy connection to logging or SCADA systems on a host PC for supervising and controlling the local I/O data.

In addition, the RS-485 'NestBus' enables peer-to-peer communication with other controllers and I/O devices for flexibility of I/O points.

  Expanded System Configuration Example
  Expanded System Configuration Example Model: SML SC200 SC200 SC210 SC210 SC200 SC200
    Model: SMLSC200SC200SC210SC210SC200 SC200
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Model SC100 Basic version data sheet   Model SC110 Basic version data sheet
Model SC200 Modbus/NestBus extension data sheet   Model SC210 Modbus/NestBus extension data sheet
Remote I/O Module
Model SML Remote I/O Module (for NestBus use) data sheet


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