Final Control Components

Position Sensors

Position Sensors
  • Lightweight & compact design
  • High resolution
  • Direct and reverse actions are selectable in field
  • IP 66 diecast aluminum enclosure is suitable for field applications

M-System’s Model VOS2T and VOS2T-R are two-wire position transmitters incorporating a brushless angle sensor as their key sensing component. They detect rotating angles of pneumatic and electric actuators and send 4 to 20mA DC signal proportional to the angles.

They are also widely used in monitoring and automating various mechanical systems.

Products Line up

  • Explosion-proof type available
    (Model:VOS-E, VOS-ER)
  Linear Motion Type Rotary Motion Type
Linearity Assured Range -22.5 to +22.5° -45 to +45°
Effective Rotating Angle approx. -27 to +27° approx. -55 to +55°
Stopper Strength 1.37 N·m (1.011 ft·lbs) with static load
Output Action Direct or Reverse
Output Signal 4-20mA DC
Load Resistance 0-600 Ω with 24V DC supply
Supply Voltage 15-28V DC
Degree of Protection IP 66
Wiring Conduit G 1/2
Operating Temperature -5 to +60°C (23 to 140°F)
Maximum Vibration 2 G
Approx. Weight 550 g (1.21 lbs) without lever and cable
Linearity 1.0% within the linearity assured range